History Notes and Footnotes

1. Clark Waggoner, History of Toledo and Lucas County, Ohio, p. 601.

2. Clark Waggoner, History of Toledo and Lucas County, Ohio, p. 601.

3. Toledo Blade, March 11, 1858 quoted by Alma Buchanan in her history of Warren AME Church, 1977.

4. Clark Waggoner, History of Toledo and Lucas County, Ohio, p. 601.

5. In 1887, the register showed the congregation reached 123. According to the bulletin from the 1915 North Ohio AME Annual Conference, Warren Church had an enrollment of 342. By 1937, the roster held 700 names. In 1956, the membership roll numbered close to 1,000 names. (See Clark Waggoner, History of Toledo and Lucas County, Ohio, p. 601.)

6. Harvey Scribner, ed. Memoirs of Lucas County and the City of Toledo, Volume One, p. 298.

7. The text of the deed follows:

Calvin Barker and Wife


Joseph Garrett et al

Trustees of the African AME Church

Know all men be these present that we Calvin Barker and Mary Barker, his wife, in consideration of dollars to us paid by Joseph Garrett, David Gatsel, William Mills, John B. Tilton, David Philips, Simon Roady and George Field, Trustees of the African Methodist Episcopal Church of the City of Toledo, State of Ohio, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, do hereby grant, bargain, sell and convey to said Trustees and their successors for the uses and purposes of said African Methodist Episcopal Church their successors and assigns forever all the piece or parcel of land known and described as follows:

Being lot three hundred and twenty (320) Port Lawrence division of the City of Toledo, Lucas County, State of Ohio and are the Estate, Title and Interest of the said Calvin Barker and Mary A. Barker, his wife, either in law or in equity of, in and to the said premises together with are the privileges and appurtenances to the same belonging and all of the rents, issues and profits thereof to have and hold the same and to the only proper use of the said Trustees to the African Methodist Episcopal Church of the City of Toledo, and their successors and assigns forever. And the said Calvin Barker and Mary A., his wife for themselves and for their executioners and administrators do hereby covenant with the said Trustees of the African Methodist Episcopal Church their successors and assigns premises and have full power to convey the same; and that the title so conveyed is clear, free and unencumbered; and further, that they will warrant and defend the same against all claim or claims of all persons whomsoever.

Signed, sealed and acknowledged in the presence of us;

Arnold Machen

Albert B. Macomber

The State of Ohio

Lucas County

Be it remembered that on the first day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty four before me, Albert B. Macomber, a notary public, personally came Calvin Barker and Mary A. Barker the grantors in the foregoing deed and acknowledged the signing and sealing thereof to be their voluntary act and deed for the uses and purposes therein mentioned and the said Mary A. Barker, wife of the said Calvin Barker being by me examined separate and apart from her said husband and the contents of said conveyance, being by me made known to her, them. And thereby, declared that she voluntary signed, sealed and acknowledged the same and the she is still satisfied therewith.

In witnesses whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal on the day and year aforesaid,

Albert H. Macomber

Notary Public in and for Lucas County, Ohio

Transferred April 1, 1864 Jas. L. Smith Co.

And Rec. for Record April 1, 1364

Recorded April 19, 1664

Jonathan Wynn, Recorder

8. Toledo Blade, August 1, August 2, 1864.

9. Earlier historians suggest a mystery surrounding the naming of the Church. Some sources suggest the congregation named the church after a white benefactor in 1861. However, Charles Butcher and Anna Hansford in their 1977 history of Warren quote the May 12, 1937 issue of The News Bees as stating: “Interested in the movement, the National Church in 1855 sent to Toledo Reverend Charles Warren of Pennsylvania, for whom the church later was named.” A wedding invitation published in 1876 is the first official acknowledgment of the Church possessing the name “Warren”. Sometimes after 1876, members combined the early name, Warren Chapel, and the later designation, the AME Church in general usage, producing the “Warren African Methodist Episcopal Church.”

10. Times, August 28, 1945; Toledo Blade, August 28, 1945.

11. Alma Buchanan provides the November 4, 1950 date for the celebration and the November 5th date comes from a fragment of a Church history that covers the periods between 1860 and 1950. The author is unknown.

12. Warren AME Church established a Christian Volunteer Tutorial Program for grades K-12 help children maintain their education during the school closing. The administrative and teaching staff all held membership in the Warren AME Church. The tutorial program received extensive television and newspaper coverage. A panel of two students, the administrator in charge, and the minister appeared on the local Stop Gap Show on Channel 11 as well as the Minority Report on Channel 13.


List of Clubs and Organizations Developed Under Reverend Pollock

The Minute Ladies

President Mrs. C. H. Pollock

Vice President Rowena Marshall

Secretary Eliza Easley

Treasurer Lovenia Blackwell

The Altar Guild

President Angeline Boyd

Vice President Louise Ramsey

Secretary Willette Allen


Jr. Altar Guild (Girls, 6-10 years)

Organizer & Instructor Louise Ramsey

Angeline Boyd

Sunshine Club

President Florence Payne

Vice President Celestine Shelton

Secretary Dorothy Taylor

Treasurer Leona Clement

Civic League

President Harold Moss

Vice President Armaray Campbell

Secretary Donald Brodie

Treasurer Homer Moody

Boy Scouts: James Day

Cub Scouts: Charles Hogan

Girl Scouts and Brownies: Sadie Barnett

Athletic Department: John Easley



Rev. G. H. Gillespie 1847
Rev. Jeremiah Thomas 1849-50
Rev. S .T Wills 1851 (Sandusky Circuit)
Rev. J. McLarren 1852 (Toledo Mission)
Rev. Thomas Dillon 1859
Rev. Henry J. Young 1861-64
Rev. Charles B. Warren 1864-65
Rev. John W. Eades 1865-67
Rev. Howard Lee 1867-?
Rev. W. J. Johnson ?-1870
Rev. B. W. Arnett 1870-73
Rev. J. P. Underwood 1873
Rev. J. H. Turpin 1874
Rev. B. F. Lee 1875
Rev. J. B. Stansberry 1876
Rev. R. G. Mortimore 1877-78
Rev. Jesse Asbury 1879
Rev. George Blunt 1880
Rev. Thomas N. Jackson 1881-82
Rev. J. M. Ross 1883
Rev. Philip Toliner 1884-85
Rev. Oliver P. Ross 1889-91
Rev. John M. Ashbury 1892-93
Rev. W. T. Anderson 1894-95
Rev. I. N. Ross 1896
Rev. John H. Grant 1897-98
Rev. O. E. Jones 1898-99
Rev. J. P. Q. Wallace 1899-1900
Rev. Ira A. Collins 1900-05
Rev. D. W. Butler 1905-08
Rev. J. A. Collins 1908-09
Rev. John T. Farley 1909-10
Rev. B. W. Lee 1910-15
Rev. Charles Bundy 1915-16
Rev. W. T. Anderson 1916-18 (second term)
Rev. T. W. Woodson 1918-20
Rev. J. S. Jackson 1920-21
Rev. P. A. Nichols 1921-26
Rev. T. D. Scott 1926-30
Rev. John Irvin 1930-32
Rev. J. Horace Jenkins 1932-37
Rev. R. E. Hutcheson 1937-39
Rev. E. L. Liggins 1939-40
Rev. H. H. Mack 1940-41
Rev. Harrison Payne 1941-43
Rev. Charles S. Spivey 1943
Rev. J. J. Haithcox 1943-45
Rev. George T. Sims 1945
Rev. Augustus C. Sumpter 1945-53
Rev. C. M. Reid 1953-55
Rev. M. C. Pollack 1955-61
Rev. A. A. Hughey 1961-68
Rev. Lyman W. Liggins 1968-86
Rev. Charles L. Scott 1989-2003
Rev. Otis Gordon 2003-Present

In November 2003, a change in pastors at Warren AME occurred during the annual conference this year. Reverend Scott moved to Cincinnati, Ohio and Reverend Otis J. Gordon replaces him at the church.